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Warbringer, "One by One the Wicked Fall EP"
One by One the Wicked Fall EP
Independent Release
2007, Independent Release
Warbringer, "One by One the Wicked Fall EP"

Apparently Warbringer are a bunch of Californians who somehow came to us through a rift in time from 1984. Imagine a mix of early Slayer, Possessed, and Destruction with Scott Ruth of Dim Mak on vocals. They even throw in a healthy amount of Iron Maiden just to make the ears that much happier. My first thought when I heard this disc was, "Why did they start the EP with a cover of Evil has no Boundaries?" Yeah, it's pretty easy to figure out what bands they dig the most but I couldn't care less. They hit all the right notes with me, fast music, noisy Slayer-style solos, shouted backing vocals a'la Municipal Waste even a Tom Araya-style high note. That said I could care less that they don't know what decade it is, because this just kills. My only problem is that it's five songs in eighteen minutes. I demand more. Someone sign them for fuck's sake.