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Dodsferd, "Fucking Your Creation"
Fucking Your Creation

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Dodsferd, "Fucking Your Creation"

I have long said that black metal and dirty old punk rock are not so distant cousins. However, so blatantly mixing the two genres as openly as Dodsferd, a little is lost in translation. The contrast of filthy trem riffing and bleak melodic blasting against upbeat major chords and bouncy drumming that recall many, many SoCal pop punk bands tends to sound a little too happy. However, once the twelve minute “I Was Welcome Only by Death” commences, we are treated to an austere mastery of gloom and buzz; Finnish Filth by way of Greece.

I have always been a little hesitant of the “Black and Roll” tag, and Fucking Your Creation plays heavily on creating a safe, upbeat aura that, pertaining to this kind of black metal, I am a little less than amused by. After a thorough listen to the record, there is actually little of this uber-melodic sound and much more of a successful brand of melodic bleakness first championed by label mates Sargeist and Horna. At six songs around 35 minutes, it is not hard to lost focus of what is going on; a decent enough violent throttling indeed.