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Various Artists, "Synaesthesia: The Requiem Reveries"
Various Artists
Synaesthesia: The Requiem Reveries
Various Artists, "Synaesthesia: The Requiem Reveries"

This album is a split between three bands, though Havok Unit is the same band as ...and Oceans, though there is a different feel to the music which they felt necessitated a name change. One of the members of Havok Unit is also in The Sin: Decay, so there is a link between all of the bands on here. Let's take them one at a time, shall we?

Havok Unit

Havok Unit has three songs and a video on this disc. Sadly there is only one original song on this portion of the disc, and two remixes of the same song.. The non-remix is pretty good blasting industrial death metal that is rather sample heavy. The vocals are raspy and nicely distorted, reminding me of a higher pitched Satyr. There is plenty of noise and keyboards in here for you industrial fans; however nothing really tramples over the song itself. The guitar sound is really good, quite heavy in fact. It reminds me a little of Blood from the Soul, if you remember them. I wish this had more original material on it since remixes bore the hell out of me for the most part. The first remix by no Xivic is decent though. It does actually sound like a different song and not the chorus looped ad nauseum while a dance beat is placed in the background. The second one is something of a typical, forgettable remix. Personally I think that if KMFDM and Godflesh can't do it well, no one else should even bother trying.

The video is grainy black and white images of a subway, television footage and other things looped over and over. Nothing terribly interesting really.

...and Oceans

...and Oceans do the same thing as Havok Unit in that they have one original song on the album and two remixes of it. You might not believe this but I knew nothing about these guys before hearing this album. That's a damn shame for me since this is some pretty good industrial metal. The song is pretty fast and heavy, with an awesome bass sound. The vocals are also deeper than those of Havok Unit. I would say the songs are a bit more straight metal opposed to the more industrial noodling of Havok Unit. Sadly as with Havok Unit, the remixes are rather bland and add nothing to the album. In fact the first remix is just seven minutes of the same noise over and over again. It's almost like having to review an obscene phone call.

The ...and Oceans video is similar in that it is grainy black and white images looped over and over again.

The Sin: Decay

I'm in luck here because there are actually three full songs here to deal with, not one and two remixes of it. At least this would be the case if this was not the weakest third of the album. The keyboards overpower the mix quite a bit, which would bug me more if the music wasn't bass heavy borderline nu-metal. The vocals are deep but clear and come across in a manner that is actually somewhat unsettling, in a good way of course. The tempo crawls along in the midrange which doesn't make the music any more interesting. The second song, Celestial Revulsion is the best of the bunch as it has some real energy to it. Sadly there isn't a lot going on to make it interesting, but at least its fast. The last song isn't that interesting either but it does have an opening drum beat to it that is eerily similar to Nine Inch Nails' March of the Pigs. This would impress me more except I'm the one industrial metal fan who doesn't really care for Nine Inch Nails.