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As Light Dies, "A Step Through the Reflection"

Groups such as As Light Dies tend to be a bit overwhelming, in that they utilize so many musical styles it can become too much to take in all at once. This is both a fault and a strength. With a plethora of instruments to tickle your ear drums and an immense array of song structure and writing style, it is impossible for a song to be repetitive. After three successful demos, this is proven in their full length, "A Step Through the Reflection."

These four gentlemen from Spain each have their own musical tastes as it would seem, and I'm sure each is contributing their own talents. Thus we're presented with such an amalgam of sounds. Spanning over 70 minutes long, this album covers nearly each main genre. And not in any particular order, but rather scattered about, within songs and across tracks, there's clear placement of doom, death, black, folk, ambient, new age, rock, and probably sounds that can't even be categorized. As well, the vocals change to accommodate this. Moving in and out of growls and rasps, there's a large amount of clean vox, too. At some points the vocals sound annoying in pitch or quality, but that isn't too big of a deal when you are equally trying to keep up with the ever changing music. The bass lines are very nice and audible which adds more depth, despite things already being drowned in musicianship; I love to hear a well played bass underneath the guitars.

As Light Dies surely displays character, and technical ability, amongst other fine musical qualities. Further more, the creative architecture of each song shows the distance at which their minds travel. Unfortunately it's that very aspect of the music that keeps it from becoming something I can listen to daily. As I said, it is simply overwhelming and I'm unable to keep it as a reoccurring disc in my player. Even with that said, it's worth hearing a few times, so that one can take in all that it offers. All its depth and soundscapes; diverse and complete, as its creators meant it to be. "A Step Through the Reflection" should still be heard even if it isn't going to be stuck in your head the minute after.

Standout Tracks

   Out of the Cave
   Imprisoned forever
   In Fairies Garden
   The Temple