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Agnostic Front, "Working Class Heroes"
Agnostic Front
Working Class Heroes
Agnostic Front, "Working Class Heroes"

Does Agnostic Front really need an intro? I don't fucking think so.

Well, this is a re-issue of the band's split with European streetcore band Discipline. It is a live split, which I think is kind of interesting, so you can expect 15 tracks from various periods of the bands 20 some years of existence. The split was originally released in 2003, so there obviously isn't anything from their last few releases, but classics like "Riot, Riot, Upstart" and "Victim In Pain" still sound great to these ears. The recording is decent enough though definitely rough around the edges. You can hear what is going on, but it is a bit quiet and sounds quite muffled when you really crank the volume.

Aside from vocalist Roger Miret dedicating "Rockstar" to his little brother and a brief rant about how he hates hip hop (and of course sing alongs and gang chants), there isn't really a ton of interaction, so the band basically just rips through the songs, but that's alright. Not sure what else to say here. It's Agnostic Front, so you ought to know if you're gonna dig this or not.