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A Perfect Murder, "War of Aggression"

A Perfect Murder really did start out their career sounding like a metalcore band. It didnít take these Canucks much time, though, to feel out the need to add more thrash and a shit-kicker attitude to their repertoire. The groupís third full-length effort sounds more like a simpler, Phil Anselmo-fronted version of The Haunted than something an angry So Cal punk band might play. And thatís absolutely fine with me, because thereís nothing wrong with aggressive, to-the-point , ass-shakiní metal with a bad attitude and lots of infectious thrash riffs. Hell, A Perfect Murder make it seem easy on War of Aggression, as they write one catchy track after another, blending southern-style sung vox with effective hardcore shouts, all the while shredding perfectly at mid-pace. Though I found the bandís previous effort, Strength through Vengeance, slightly better because it was angrier and heavier, thereís nothing wrong with their now-confident continuation of the idea. If you want your metal to have drive, hooks-a-plenty and a cocky swagger as well as the muscle to back it all up, youíll be needing a dose of what A Perfect Murder is cooking up here.

Standout Tracks

   War of Aggression
   Fortunate Son,
   Legion of Doom
   Label Me

Peter Johnston