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Darkest Hour, "Deliver Us"

Darkest Hour follow up their absolutely huge Undoing Ruin with Deliver Us, a disc that plays like In Flames’ Clayman when compared to Colony or The Conductor’s Departure following Anata’s brilliant Under a Stone with no Inscription. It’s the big shiny disc-two that still rocks hard but lacks the surprise and genius of the former. For this reason, and this reason alone, I have found it hard to be as ecstatic about Deliver Us as I was about their prior album. With this said, there is absolutely nothing wrong with what Darkest Hour have created, as they’re still the same band with the same vision and the same impressive talent. Their ability to play really melodic death metal with only a touch of hardcore/metalcore is laudable, and only eclipsed by the ease with which they do it. Many tracks on this disc including “Sanctuary” and “Stand and Receive Your Judgement” are heavy and fast, the way they did business on So Sedated, So Secure, though they create a very fine balance with a number of slow, melancholy (though still metal) tunes like track “Demon(s)” and “An Ethereal Drain” that take their time unfolding but never deteriorate into cheese. Miraculously too, the variety on Deliver Us does not take away from the drive and listenablility of the disc as a whole. On this album, Darkest Hour show us that their direction and focus is still exactly where it should be. They may not have leapt forward the way the did on Undoing Ruin, but it’s also evident that they’re giving up no ground.

Standout Tracks

   Doomsayer (The Beginning of the End)
   An Ethereal Drain
   Fire in the Skies

Peter Johnston