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Black Spring, "Dagger Poems"

Let's see... * 18 tracks in a little under 40 minutes * Members of Exit the King * Has shared the stage with DEP, Soilent Green, Kalibas, Curl Up And Die, Employer Employee, etc.

Can you tell me what this band might sound like?

If you can't, don't sweat it; that is what I'm here for. As you might have guessed from the above paragraph, Black Spring play spazzy/techy hardcore with some grindy tendencies. They aren't quite the Dillinger Escape Plan worship that sister band Exit the King is, as they include more interesting riffing, grooves, and a few hints at death metal's ferocity. They've got some really dense, apocalyptic noise riffing that has an early-Neurosis vibe to it that helps add heft and variation to the album. Much like Exit the King, however, the band has a really hard-to-come-by sense of songwriting to counteract their chaotic leanings. I mean, you never hear them delving into stock breakdowns or generic tech-for-tech's-sake crap. The songs are always moving, sometimes in five directions at once, but you don't really get the sense that they are completely scattershot.

Unfortunately, these guys disbanded in 2005 before this album could be released. Fortunately, it did get released eventually, because this is a damn fine slice of music. If you like your tech in the DEP vein with cohesion and a sense of purpose, you will love Dagger Poems.