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Marduk, "Warschau"
Regain Records
2007, Regain Records

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Marduk, "Warschau"

This is the newest Marduk live album, clocking in at over an hour with seventeen songs. If you are a diehard fan of Marduk's blasting black metal then this disc must be heaven. Though I am a renowned speedfreak I personally find this album dull. Then again I'm probably the only person who thinks World Funeral and La Grand Danse Macabre were their best records. Why? Simple, there was some diversity. There is little of that here, with the tempo only changing for Bleached Bones, possibly my favorite Marduk song Seven Angels, Seven Trumpets and To the Death's Head True. The rest is like having Panzer Division Marduk on a loop. Honestly I can't tell the songs on that album apart, or retain interest beyond the first two songs since it's all blasting. I mean these guys make the Ramones sound Chaos A.D. Sepultura. It doesn't help that the crowd doesn't seem all that crazy about this set either. There are some chants and noise but they seem kind of lukewarm to this. I like to be able to hear the song to some degree and Marduk doesn't do a lot of that. There is a reason grindcore songs tend to be only a minute long, because they would get dull if they went longer. Marduk proves this since they honestly seem more like grind, but the songs are all too long to be real grind. There is a lot more speed than creativity on this album, which really bogs it down. I kept losing interest while I was listening to this, especially from tracks three to fourteen since it's all the same thing. Nothing but blasting. I would have forgotten I even had it on if Bleached Bones hadn't changed things up in the middle of that spurt of blastbeats and vocals. It doesn't help that you can barely hear the guitar either. If this is a representative Marduk show then I'm no longer upset they can't tour the States. Sorry guys, but this is a snoozer.