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Susperia, "Cut from Stone"

Susperia started out playing mechanized, thrashy black metal, and after two albums, in a bewildering but ingenious gambit reached for and found their stride with more traditional thrash. Their last disc, Unlimited was a mix of their old sound with a very healthy serving of Testament and Pantera influence. Susperiaís fourth album, Cut from Stone, is now upon us, and the bandís choice of direction is proving its staying power.

I have played this disc start to finish countless times since receiving it in the mail, and have yet to choose my favorite four tracks, simply because every single one of them is worth listing. Everything that was good about Unlimited is still present and magnified. There are a myriad of ass-shaking, head-banging grooves, lots of Tjodalvís smart, thrash-worthy drum fills, and best of all, the sung/growled vocals succeed the way Chuck Billyís or James Hetfieldís do on a good Testament or Metallica song. Donít get me wrong, Cut from Stone does not sound like a rehashing of the early and mid 90s thrash scene, but Susperia definitely borrows what they need to get the job done right on this disc. Itís an album thatís versatile, deep, well played and so damn easy to play too loud, you canít help but love it.

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