Reviews : Albums : Various Artists, "Visionaries of the Macabre, Volume 2 : An Evil Elite"

Various Artists, "Visionaries of the Macabre, Volume 2 : An Evil Elite"
Various Artists
Visionaries of the Macabre, Volume 2 : An Evil Elite
Various Artists, "Visionaries of the Macabre, Volume 2 : An Evil Elite"

A compilation of US black metal bands. This should be interesting considering how much shit people like to give black metal that comes from American soil. Each band gives me one song, so I'll give each band a one line review.

Bloodstorm This song kills, they know it and that's why it's on first.

Abysmal Fall A little more emotional sounding but it's got some sweet ass guitar riffs.

Noctuary I think the guitar player is playing my amp and while that's never a good thing, at least the shit-ass production is hampering a fairly good song.

Bloodshed Divine Simplistic four-chord black metal ain't my thing.

Averse Sefira Simplistic four-chord black metal played like they don't believe in tomorrow is decent but I must say I hate the fact that they hooked their little keyboard intro onto the song.

Cryptic Winds Lots and lots of reverb, interesting song, but the programmed drums are killing me.

Kult of Azazel Simple songs need to be played with hella conviction to pull it off, and this song succeeds pretty everywhere but the mix.

Thornspawn Wow, I feel pummelled all over!

Corvus Corax This song is so good it gets more than one line. Finally, someone gets the keyboards, acoustic guitars, and black metal atmosphere working together and creates a massive, epic piece with one of the coolest arabic hooks you'll hear for a long time. Top-shelf production, playing and songcraft. I can't give this one enough credit.

The Cold Beyond How do you follow up quality? Why, with crap, of course!

Darkmoon Behemoth-y, death metal influenced black metal that to mind George Bush Sr. whenever he screams, "Patriots of Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrre!!!!!!!!"

Vukodlak For some reason, I kinda like this even though it sounds like it was recorded on a boombox.

Kreig He's either a necro-genius or a moron and think I know which way I'm leaning [oh look, he even screams over some sampled classical music, isn't that cute?]

So, that the news from Lake Wobegon, where the women are strong, the men are handsome and all the children paint their faces and record hymns to Satan in the family basement while mom and pop are Winnebagoing to the Grand Canyon.