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Dark Funeral, "Diabolis Interium"
Dark Funeral
Diabolis Interium
No Fashion Records
2001, No Fashion Records
Dark Funeral, "Diabolis Interium"

This is the reissue of Dark Funeral's 2001 release that comes with a bonus disc that you know as the Teach Children to Worship Satan EP. They are on two discs so I will discuss them one at a time

Diabolis Interium

This is probably my favorite Dark Funeral album due to the sheer intensity of it. I know I complained about Marduk doing this, but I love the speed of the album. However Dark Funeral are smart enough to break things up a little bit, especially on the midpaced bruiser Goddess of Sodomy. Even when they put the hammer down, there is movement to the song and not just simple repetition of the same guitar lead and blast beat for 3 minutes. The Arrival of Satan's Empire is among my favorite album openers ever as it shows they have no interest in wasting time. Hail Murder vacillates nicely between slow and fast. Well, not that slow but there is enough diversity of tempo that you don't feel the yawns coming on. The second half of the album is very much on the fast side, but it stands up just as good as the first half. While we can argue all day about whether Dark Funeral are true black metal, (I won't since I don't really care), there is no arguing that this is a damn good record backed by a solid production. The production also helps this album out quite a bit as there is enough bass to keep the fast guitar from hurting your ears. I wish more bands knew how to do that.

Teach Children to Worship Satan

This is an EP with An Apprentice of Satan off of Diabolis Interium and four cover songs. The production is much the same as Diabolis so let's just talk about the songs. First of all the cover choices aren't all that up my alley. They chose Remember the Fallen by Sodom, Dead Skin Mask by Slayer, Pagan Fears by Mayhem and The Trial by King Diamond. I really don't much care for Remember the Fallen or Dead Skin Mask so I didn't really get that into those songs. I don't know the original Pagan Fears by Mayhem so I can't really compare the two. Sorry, other than Chimera I think everything Mayhem has put out that I've heard is crap. I would think the Dark Funeral cover is better however as Magus Caligula is a much better vocalist than Attila. Then again so is anyone other than Dave Mustaine. The high point of the album is The Trial. I'm not even that into King Diamond but they really show off some chops on this song, especially Lord Ahriman. Keeping up with those Andy Larocque solos can't be easy. They also supplement it with some female vocals since Magus probably can't quite get up into castrato range like the King can.

Overall this package is worth the money because of Diabolis Interium alone, getting the bonus EP just makes it a better value for your dollar, or kroner, or looney or whatever money you use.