sun.has.cancer, "burn!"

Now if you are a regular reader of my reviews you know that I am a huge fan of industrial metal. So it made perfect sense for this to find its way to me. Sense can be rather senseless sometimes because this is one of the most grating albums I've ever heard, and not in a good way. There are constant techno style keyboards that never stop through the length of the album. I know I'm a big industrial fan but I hate techno, I really can't explain it, I just do. I'd like to get more into the music behind the keys but it's really hard to even hear it due to the overkill. However there isn't much to speak of, other than a really funky bass that sounds out of place here. It almost reminds me of KMFDM and Static X trying their hand at circus music. I might have looked more favorably on this with a better production, namely fewer keyboards and more of everything else. They also included a video on the disc that makes little sense. It is for the first song and has all the band members in corpsepaint in spite of this album being about as black as a polar bear in the middle of Antarctica during the day. It also has other people in corpsepaint attacking things, looking like the worst zombie movie ever. This is how not to combine industrial and metal.