Reviews : Albums : Sigh, "Hangman's Hymn - Musikalische Exequien"

Sigh, "Hangman's Hymn - Musikalische Exequien"
Hangman's Hymn - Musikalische Exequien
Sigh, "Hangman's Hymn - Musikalische Exequien"

Once again Sigh proves themselves to be one of the most diverse and create bands in the metal scene. If one wonders how they have popped up on some of the most prestigious metal labels in history, including Deathlike Silence Productions, all you must due is listen to a release and Hangman’s Hymn is a great place to start.

Hangman’s Hymn is more traditional metal than their Imaginary Sonicscape on Century Media. This new offering immediately throws the listener back to the release of Scenario:IV, but more importantly, their masterpiece Hail Horror Hail.

The band portrays an obvious love of classical music, classic metal and classic horror movies. This is everything. It is like watching Dario Argento’s “Demons” and realizing that metal makes an excellent soundtrack to a film with bands like Accept and Iron Maiden. Mirai’s voice is as strong as ever and his devotion to obscure keyboard instruments and synthesizers are amazing. The thrash aspect of this album mixes well with the classical elements and gives it a solid composition as opposed to many of the bands that force the symphony aspects to fit their music. Like Dimmu Borgir, these songs were written to include, not accompany. Sigh is the perfect example of what The End records is trying to accomplish. The most diverse metal in existence, and there are none longer lasting or better than Sigh.

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