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Vengeful, "Karma"

Vengeful hail from the French side of Canada, so you know that their debut, Karma is going to be full of crazy, brutal technicality and itís very likely going to have some awe-inspiring musicianship and great production. What the geography of this band wonít tell you is that though they may have members of Neuraxis in their midst, they also have Dispised Iconís drummer and their music has a definite metalcore edge to it. Wait, wait, you have to keep reading if you want to understand what Vengeful is doing.

Ok, so I just about scared you off, as you were doubtless thinking that the band was one release from appearing at Hot Topic. The truth of it is, however, that Vengeful are doing something most of those scatterbrained, pimply assholes in metalcore arenít. Theyíre treading very interesting ground both by creating songs with actual continuity and by experimenting in song length (up to 10-minutes) and pacing. Moreover, their guitar riffs arenít the now-cliched romp ní stomp fare that youíd expect from all The Red Chord clones out there now. The resulting sound on Karma is somewhere between Job for a Cowboy and Immolation, with a strong nod to the technically proficient. If you either like the crazy side of metalcore, or you love technical Canadian death metal and donít mind metalcore influences, Vengefulís Karma is worth serious inspection.

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