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Satan's Host, "Burning The Born Again... (A New Philosophy)"
Satan's Host
Burning The Born Again... (A New Philosophy)
Satan's Host, "Burning The Born Again... (A New Philosophy)"

As the story goes, guitarist Patrick Evil has been working this band since the late ‘70’s, with a debut album released in 1986. Over the years the band has fully turned over members between the original drummer getting murdered and other people dropping out. Now the band is a completed four piece, and Burning The Born Again… (A New Philosophy) is a brand new re-issue of an album recorded in 2004.

The Moribund re-issue of this album, originally issued by Sonic Wave, contains 15 tracks, two more than the original. The two bonus tracks are “Sulfuric Stardust” and “A New Philosphy”, in addition, on this version; the track listing has been changed substantially. No reason is given for this. For those that have heard the album, the bonus tracks fit right in and only add to the blackened evil that is Satan’s Host. For those not familiar with the band, it sort of goes like this; a blackened thrash with death metal elements. Much like Dissection in their approach, the band uses an old school approach to black/death metal. Much in the lines of Venom, Mayhem, and Bathory with that original black metal guitar sound, the vocals have a little more death metal in their delivery, very Swedish sounding, like Grave or early Entombed.

The songs have a slower dirging sound, but incorporate blast beats, and some quicker chord delivery at times that really change up the sound of certain tracks. This is my first exposure to this band, and I feel left out for all these years. Much like the truly underground black metal bands that often go unheard for anyone not totally emerged in the sub underground, this is one of those bands that got a little lost in the shuffle, but no longer. This is pure metal in the way that Possessed, Celtic Frost, and Merciful Fate were when you first heard them.

Standout Tracks

   A Darkmoon Gathering
   All really