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Monster Magnet, "4-Way Diablo"
Monster Magnet
4-Way Diablo
2007, SPV
Monster Magnet, "4-Way Diablo"

Dave Wyndorf is a pimp. According to Monster Magnet’s new album, 4-Way Diablo he’s got a cock made out of platinum, the world’s last piece of chocolate and money falling from the sky. In all seriousness, though, the band has probably created their best work to date with this album. The drugs must have been flowing when they wrote and recorded this slab of wax, because the tracks are smoother, spacier, easier to listen to and simply better than anything they’ve done before. 4-Way Diablo is exactly what Monster Magnet has been capable of for their last four or five albums (…they may not have been able to pull this off back in the days of Spine of God and before), and the ride is so worth the toll. According to the press release on this disc, much of the sleek, vibrant sound on this disc is due the fact that many of the songs were recorded in single takes, which would explain the spontaneous, vivacious feel that Monster Magnet has previously somewhat lacked. Fans of the band will utterly embrace what’s going on here, stoner rock junkies who’ve previously written Monster Magnet off as too mainstream will doubletake, and those of us who are just along for the ride will be partying with 4-Way Diablo simply because that’s what it’s meant for.

Standout Tracks

   4-Way Diablo
   Blow Your Mind
   A Thousand Stars

Peter Johnston