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Born Of Osiris, "The New Reign"

I was recently asked what I thought the next new thing in metal was going to be. I think, perhaps, it might already be here. Born of Osiris contains so much in its tightly structured tracks, that I donít know it has ever been done before.

The songs are a musical aficionados wet dream. It features the progressive writing of a Dream Theater, plus the chaotic mathematical timing of Meshuggah. This is played with the guitar tone of In Flames and the drum battery of Fear Factory. Add to this, at times for effect, atmospheric keyboards one might find on a Carnal Forge album or mixed in with a Cradle Of Filth epic track. I am sure you are reading this and saying, what a load of shit, I would from that description as well. The thing is, I can honestly say, I donít ever remember hearing a band that takes influence from so many different places and manages to include it all in their song writing without it sounding like absolute garbage.

The last thing that differentiates Born Of Osiris from their contemporaries is the vocals. If you asked yourself what you thought he would sound like, I am sure you would think Strid or Tim Lambesis with a growl and a sung part in every song. It isnít, itís pure venomous vocals, at times even having a second growl from their keyboard player. The vocals have something of a Nile feel to them, but also remind me of early Florida Death Metal, maybe even a Glen Benton, but they are heavy. As I said, this is one of the most diverse elemental records I have ever heard. It isnít for everybody, but it is one of the most adventurous things in an already stagnating metal-core scene that has become cookie cutter before it ever had a chance to mature.

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