Reviews : Albums : Motorhead, "Better Motörhead Than Dead - Live At Hammersmith"

Motorhead, "Better Motörhead Than Dead - Live At Hammersmith"
Better Motörhead Than Dead - Live At Hammersmith
2007, SPV
Motorhead, "Better Motörhead Than Dead - Live At Hammersmith"

The title says it all for me. For those of you familiar with their studio catalog there aren't a ton of surprises in here, though I do love how they've resurrected Another Perfect Day. All of the classics from the first five records are here naturally, as they have been on every live Motorhead record. My only problem with the set list is that there is nothing from Hammered or We Are Motorhead on here, two much underrated albums, but then the set would have gone on forever. Not that I have a problem with that as it means they could have squeezed on more from Orgasmatron here too. The sound is my favorite part of this album because it takes me back to the first time I saw Motorhead. I can see people not liking the sound since the bass almost crushes the guitar out of the mix totally but that was what happened the first time I saw them. It didn't help that I was up front with my head in the PA and no earplugs. (I spent the next three fucking trying to read people's lips because I couldn't hear fuck all other than a high pitched buzzing noise.) This was because of the bass that threatens to rattle loose just about everything, especially any dental work you've had done. This is really evident when they get to my favorite, Killed by Death when you have the bass stop a bit at the end only to come back in and destroy what is left of your eardrums and sanity, in a good way of course. Lemmy's vocals are dead on as usual and Mikkey Dee is a machine behind the kit. I'm sure Phil Campbell does his usual top-shelf job but due to the sound you can't really hear him. I prefer my Motorhead like this to be honest, but it's all good no matter how they do it. It’s fucking Motorhead after all.