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Marduk, "Those of the Unlight"
Those of the Unlight
Regain Records
2007, Regain Records
Marduk, "Those of the Unlight"

Regain Records opened a U.S. office in 2007 and re-issued the entire early Marduk catalog. The cd’s are basically the exact same as their Osmose records counterparts, but with the added bonus of a live in 1993 Quicktime video. To be honest, the video is good quality, but the sound on it sucks my ass, a real watch once and forget about type feature. It appears that the liner notes are the exact same as well, with the exception of the label logo change and the added video listing.

“Those of the Unlight” is one of the best Marduk records there is. The band still, at that time, had a lot of sound differential and directional development, unlike now which is all speed and no substance. There even is a track that would be considered a ballad by Marduk standards. The album checks in at 13 tracks, which much of the blistering military Black Metal attack that is their true signature sound, but there is so much more of the Norwegian (I know they aren’t from Norway) element that was the outside influence in 1993. Here on this album, the production of Dan Swano, plus the line up of the time, you hear an album that is a little closer to Emperor and Mayhem and not so much pure speed for speeds sake. Hearing this again for the first time in a while, you hear how the band has degraded into a one trick pony, where they had the potential to offer so much more. Marduk is one of the all time classic and essential Black Metal bands and this is one of the, if not the, most essential release by this band.