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Mortiis, "Some Kind of Heroin"

Really people, someone tell the former members of classic Black Metal bands that techno is not the way to go in the future. The first couple of albums that Mortiis did had some interesting things going on. I also happen to be a fan of ambient soundscape pieces, so much of his early solo work was right up my alley. But then he got the idea to start doing straight on techno and even some stuff that sounded like southern tinged alternative rock with electro influences, and it all went to shit from there.

What you have here is a collection of some of Mortiis worst efforts, taken and re-imagined by other electro artists. Really, were any of the Fear Factory remix albums any good? Did anybody like any of the Godflesh remixes? Those were good albums remixed into songs most, or all of us, didnít like one iota. This is bad stuff re-mixed into bad electronica without one bit of power or interesting rock element. This is self-indulgent dribble for people who take too much acid.

Trying to be as kind as possible, the tracks are too long. Many of them have the stereotypical elongated dance parts that lose all semblance of a song and branch into a repetitious segment that only works for stoners and ravers. Metal, one would never know Mortiis ever set foot in that world. Had they gotten people from Wax Traxx or maybe Industrial Strength to do the remixes, this might have been more interesting. As it is, it is boring and actually made me want to forget whose work this was based on. This is the all time low point for Mortiis, elf ears or not.