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Heaven Shall Burn, "Iconoclast (Part 1:The Final Resistance)"
Heaven Shall Burn
Iconoclast (Part 1:The Final Resistance)
Heaven Shall Burn, "Iconoclast (Part 1:The Final Resistance)"

Shit. Germany has been a powerhouse for post Hardcore Metal bands the last few years with the likes of Caliban, Machinemade God and of course, Heavenshallburn. But with Caliban becoming Atreyu, there was a huge void for someone to step into as the major heavy hitter over there. That void has been filled. Iconoclast is by far the heaviest and most badass album this band has ever recorded. It starts right from the opening notes of Endzeit, and just kicks the crap out of you for an hour.

Vocally you have all the elements of a typical metal core album, with the screechy, throaty vocals. But they have added an death metal vocal element, that has surpassed all their previous efforts. It is true metal, which is why I called this post Hardcore Metal. This album is bordering on Death-Thrash.

The guitar riffs on this album are fast and furious and still include the monster break downs that are a signature of Metalcore. But there are melodies that are right out of Gothenburg, and they are played at a breakneck speed like Destruction or Sodom.

The most vital part of this album is the drumming though. Matthias has outdone himself. This is just a battery assault on your speakers. Blast beat after blast beat, and not a fill to be heard. Even the more melodic parts of the songs have hyper rolls and frantic kick beats. Iconoclast is just unrelenting and isnít hurt by the fact it was recorded by the same guy that did Himsa and The Haunting.

Standout Tracks

   Forlorn Skies
   hell, All of them