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Alchemist, "Tripsis"

The Australian metal scene has been ripe for years now, but Alchemist have been blowing minds with their ethereal metal mastery well before the groundswell. The band’s 2007 installment, Tripsis, is exactly what one might hope for from these guys. It’s heavy in the way only Alchemst can manage, it’s spaced out and trippy, superbly written and produced, and just enough different than their previous efforts that it warrants plenty of attention in its own right.

“Tongues and Knives” is aggressive, yet sprinkled with floaty interludes, “Anticipation of a High” sneaks some extra speed into the Alchemist formula and still more space-jams, “Nothing in No Time” and “CommunicHate” stick with more direct paths, while “Substance of Shadow” brings a bit of everything to the table. Pretty much the whole disc is awesome. These guys have been doing things very, very right for the past three or four albums, and Tripsis is merely a continuation of this band’s greatness. With an open mind and an uncanny sense for progress and originality, one can do great things. Alchemist prove this theory once again on this disc.

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