Reviews : Albums : A Perfect Murder, "War of Aggression"

A Perfect Murder, "War of Aggression"

I saw these cats live a few years back and remember them being a fairly straight forward, breakdown-fueled metalcore band, but since then the band apparently listened to a whole lot of Pantera. I mean a whole lot. And a little Alice In Chains, too.

Start with a base of Vulgar Display of Power style groovy, hook-filled riffing and add a bit of modern American metal flavor a la Lamb of God or God Forbid, and an ocasional Layne Staley impersonation and you have a good idea what this album sounds like. It's fairly catchy and adequately heavy, but ultimately just sounds like a metalcore band that likes Pantera. If you've been dreaming of that marriage, then look no further because A Perfect Murder pretty much nails the mixture. The thing is, I'm not sure if this is core enough for today's trendy moshers and I think it might be a little too screamy for Pantera fans.