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Vader, "Lead Us! (EP)"

There arenít many bands that are more prolific in death metal or longer running than Vader. These guys crank out an EP or full-length nearly every year, it seems, and as far as I can tell, most often their albums are rock solid. Hell, recently the materialís even been getting tighter, faster and better. The bandís 2008 release of their Lead Us!!! is a four-song EP that works as hold-over until their next full release. There are only four tracks. Oneís a cover, another comes from Impressions in Blood and the remaining two have three exclamation points at the end of their titles. There are three video clips, but, honestly, who spends the time messing around on their computers to watch video?

So letís talk about the four songs that we can listen to on a CD player. The title track opens. Itís fucking awesome, and leaves nothing wanting. ďThe BookĒ follows, and if you have Impressions in Blood,it wonít be new to you. ďDie!!! (Gin Psie)Ē is number three. The lyrics are in what I assume to be Polish, and the song itself isnít as good as the material on the rest of the EP. Vader close with a studio release of Slayerís ďRaining Blood,Ē a track theyíve had on wax live a few times before, but never as polished as this. As you might expect, they do a by-the-numbers, perfect rendition,with a result that really is worth hearing even if youíve played it 1,000 times on their Live in Japan release. And thatís all there is.

Lead Us!!! feels like a meager release because thereís so little truly new material on it. With that said, itís got all the Vader polish, professionalism and heaviness , so itíll do if you can keep in perspective that EPs arenít supposed to be 100% satisfying.

Standout Tracks

   Lead Us!!!
   Raining Blood

Peter Johnston