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Apostolum, "Anedonia"

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Apostolum, "Anedonia"

Anedonia is the absolute mess of a debut from Apostolum on Moribund Records. The Italians play a very odd version of droning, blackened doom that has some decent ideas that bubble to the surface from time to time, but for the most part the material herein is very ho-hum and sometimes downright bad.

Case in point: What the hell is going on with the song "Anxiety Attack?" It starts out with a promising guitar line that never really goes anywhere, then suddenly some of the absolute worst vocals ever laid to tape come out of nowhere before delving into a very poorly executed black metal part. I will admit that the odd Zelda-sounding synths are a nice touch, but are rendered completely useless by the joke of a song that surrounds it.

Unfortunately, "Anxiety Attack" is the most notable track herein. Need I say more?