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Warbringer, "War Without End"

Thrash is back in a big way. With reunited classic bands, modern throwbacks and the few new bands trying to do something new with the sound... it' back. I'm not saying everything the thrash scene is producing right now is great, but the sound is alive once again and I, for one, am ecstatic about it.

LA's Warbringer kick it old school for the most part despite the fact that none of these guys were alive (ages ranging from 17-22) when the scene first caught fire. You'd never guess it though as the entirety of their debut, War Without End sounds very authentic and truly does the legends proud. In particular, the band loves their thrash dark, speedy, and aggressive in the Slayer/Exodus/Kreator/Testament tradition.

Not only do they mine great bands for influence, they execute, which is something other young acts lack. A majority of the riffing herein is pure, energetic thrash with a raw acerbic edge. Even without deathing up the equation they manage an absolutely furious sound while being subtly catchy in the process. The soloing sounds vintage; straightforward with hints of melody and the occasional shreddy passage. And how about the vocal performance of John Kevill. Dude must eat shrapnel for breakfast! He's viscious!

The bottom line here is Warbringer is a young, hungry band with a lot of talent, which makes for a great listen for fans of raw, heavy thrash. As much as I love the funtime party vibe of acts like Municipal Waste, I sincerely hope these guys get their share of the spotlight because they are the real deal.

Standout Tracks

   Total War
   At the Crack of Doom
   Instruments of Torture
   Combat Shock