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Heaven Shall Burn, "Iconoclast (Part 1:The Final Resistance)"
Heaven Shall Burn
Iconoclast (Part 1:The Final Resistance)
Heaven Shall Burn, "Iconoclast (Part 1:The Final Resistance)"

After a few less than noteworthy metalcore releases, 2004's Antigone started to garner Germany's Heaven Shall Burn more attention (including mine), but moreso for potential than actual execution. They inched closer on 2006's Deaf to Our Prayers though they still needed a little work for me to become an outright fan. Well finally, on Iconoclast (Part 1: The Final Resistance), the band's 5th full length, HSB has truly hit their creative stride and delivered what Antigone and Deaf to Our Prayers hinted at.

That said, Heaven Shall Burn's brand of melodic, thrashing death with spare metalcoreisms still isn't the most original thing around. If that's your beef with the band I urge you to give them another chance because the palpable intensity and energy the band has brought to the table while continuing to improve as song writers is totally worth checking out.

Iconoclast is easily the band's most scathing release to date. In general the songs are more focused and powerful than on previous outings. You could argue the album has some formulaic elements to it, but it smokes so it's easy to ignore. Again, if you gave up on the band in the past please give them another chance and if you've been waiting for them to step it up, they have. I still wouldn't say Heaven Shall Burn are an essential band, but they do their style really damn well.