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Exodus, "The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A"
The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A
Exodus, "The Atrocity Exhibition: Exhibit A"

Since the band’s rebirth in 2004, Exodus has continued to release some of their best work. I for one hated everything after “Pleasures Of The Flesh” up until the “Another Lesson In Violence” live album, but have pretty much loved everything since “Temple Of The Damned”.

Once again the band lets rip with some classic style Thrash, Bay Area style (really, is there any other kind?). There are moments that the guitars sound a bit thin, but the tinny sound they have acquired almost works in the context. It is tinny almost in that original Black Metal style where bands didn’t have the money for better recordings. Here it sounds more like a choice to capture that old, vicious metal sound that made Exodus such a power.

Rob’s vocals on the album are so like Souza’s it is scary. But I have to admit, he let me down live, as I wasn’t feeling him at all. Tom Hunting’s playing seems to have benefited from time off, or time to refocus, as he is as on as he ever was . Lee Altus is so much better off in Exodus than Heathen, as that band hasn’t held up at all as I went back to listen after all these years.

“Atrocity…” is a good record, better than “Temple of the Damned” I think, but it does fall short of “Shovelhead Kill Machine”, which is my favorite since their return, but there is no denying that Gary Holt and company have really recaptured the Thrash flame. With the resurgence of the style and the upcoming of so many new bands, you do hear the difference between seasoned, classical writers and the late comers. There is a different tone and feel. This is true Thrash, without a hint of other heavier styles mixed in, unlike a band like Skeletonwitch for example, which obviously some Death and Black metal elements have mixed in. But you can’t go wrong with any Exodus of the new era.

Standout Tracks

   Children of a Lesser God