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Primordial, "To the Nameless Dead"

I cannot lie, I have been looking forward to this record since I broke out of the catatonic stupor that The Gathering Wilderness put me into. This is something of a hard record for me to sum up because I do like it but I feel some dissapointment here. First of all I do have to concede the the production is much better since they decided to part ways with Billy Anderson and his mastery of mud. The guitar sound is very crisp I love the rhythm section. I wish this production had been on Gathering. However now that you hear the drums a lot better they are lot less interesting. For some reason they went back to a more straightforward style as opposed to the tribal hammering that really made Gathering special. Nemetheanga's vocals are what you expect, ferocious and clear at the same time, although they aren't quite as venomous. This album feels like a series of leftovers from The Gathering Wilderness, which is what bothers me about this album. It feels somewhat recycled. Also this one doesn't hit me emotionally like Gathering did. I cannot listen to End of All Times around people because I just want to fight everything. There is no defining emotional moment on this album. This is a pretty good album, sadly these guys set the bar so high they kind of screwed themselves. If this was from a band other than Primordial I would be singing it's praises. I guess this is the price of greatness.