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Stuck Mojo, "Southern Born Killers"

Was this really necessary? This band booked up Andy Sneap’s time and made him unavailable for probably the most ground breaking record you will never hear. All that for another rehashed Nu Metal album. On top of that, when I say rehashed, this is now the third time this has been released, with the stellar addition of three new tracks. Great; more to suffer through! This album was released for free by the band to download, and then they released it on cd with a bonus dvd. This version is released to coincide with their European tour. Are there truly that many Stuck Mojo fans in the world that it had to get released three times? There four fans couldn’t find it the first time around? This version of the album contains ten tracks of exactly what you remember them for. The resurrection of second generation Rage Against The Machine and Downset, and the bastard cousin of great bands like Fishbone. But, this time around they really go for the rap aspect. There is so much “Dirty South” on this record it is nauseating. It is the old saying, “How do you know who isn’t really down? It’s those who yell the loudest that they are.” Nothing to even raise as a bright spot. There is nothing new on here. Rap vocals with the occasional sung bits, standard rap metal guitar parts and a standard rock beat under it. There is a reason that Dub War didn’t make it here, the style is generic and played. After years of fading away, you are even more aware of why it went away in the first place. Stuck Mojo, and bands like them, were part of a horrible scene that faded quickly because it had no shelf life. They are better suited to their metal cover band alter ego.