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Dodsferd, "Cursing Your Will to Live"
Cursing Your Will to Live
Dodsferd, "Cursing Your Will to Live"

I am always a little skeptical about one-man black metal bands featuring themselves on the covers in some self-satisfying corpsepainted grimace, looking like they're awaiting to drop a deuce that matches their makeup (for those of you looking to produce such excrement, eat a shitload of caliche and wash it down with a gallon of Kaopectate - speaking from theory, not from practice). I'm always awaiting some half-handed, boring production with muffled vocals, hairy guitars and a drum that sounds like an empty Igloo cooler being bludgeoned to smithereens by tire irons. So, as would be expected, when I got Dodsferd's 'Cursing Your Will to Live,' I was very reluctant in slapping it in my CD tray.

When I got around to it, and the first true song kicked in, colorfully titled 'Hypocritic Shitfuckers Still Breathing,' my immediate thoughts were, "what the fuck was I thinking passing this up?" I love music that sounds like it's being powered by a drug-addicted minotaur at the peak of its high, and that's what Dodsferd is like - monolithic guitar riffs, simple and engaging drums, accompanied by high-strung rasps and screams, weaving in and out of melody and discord. In addition, I love how crass and deliberate the lyrics are (sure, you've heard the phrase "fuck the world" before, but not like when Dodsferd shouts it) - sidestepping the genre to create something more accessible is not what Dodsferd is all about. There is a message present in Dodsferd throughout this CD (especially on 'Under a Broken Cross...'), and it is this: "I hate you. Go die."

Regarding my initial statement of 'one-man black metal bands,' Dodsferd is the sole project of Wrath...or so I thought. Here, we find Wrath has hired out the bass and drum duties to Bringer of Plague (Cross Denied) and Sardonic (Nadiwrath) respectively. I seriously hope that Wrath starts a trend in one-man black metal by hiring out session musicians to play material that's too technical for the songwriter himself. For a guy that seemingly hates everything about humanity, to hire out musicians for the record feels backward in the message he's looking to convey. But I think he really had to say to himself, "I can't make this as grim and hateful as I want it to be by myself." I'm probably taking creative license there, but I can honestly respect a guy that has that kind of objectivity.

This album which sounds like Euronymous gutter-fucked (that's a technical term) Kevin Heybourne from Angel Witch is not the most original album ever. But you know, for black metal, a genre that has become synonymous with redundancy, 'Cursing Your Will to Live' is definitely one of the best purely black-fucking-heart-metal you're gonna find.

Standout Tracks

   Hypocritic Shitfuckers Still Breathing
   Cursing Your Will to Live
   Your Death, My Propitiation
   Failure Was Described As Religion, As Heresy