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Honey for Christ, "Forging Iron Will"
Honey for Christ
Forging Iron Will
2002, Demo
Honey for Christ, "Forging Iron Will"

Northern Irleland's Honey for Christ play decent heavy metal. The music is melodic, the guitars, bass and drums are all working seamlessly together, but the vocals take some serious getting used to?and I'm not sure I have yet. The three tracks on Forging Iron Will has the band playing black metal meets thrash, but with a more traditional metal twist, and that's all great, except that once vocalist, Jason, begins his delivery, everything gets confusing. The vocals land somewhere between Texas-style doom and power metal. They're interesting, they're powerful, and they feel rather out of place on this album. But the more I listen to it, the more it all sort of makes sense. Give Honey for Christ a chance, because they play rather well, they've got a cool band name, they've got cool cover artwork, and you might just find that they're the missing link in the metal scene.

Standout Tracks

   All three?or none?I can't fucking decide

Peter Johnston