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Neaera, "Armamentarium"

Neaera’s third album Armamentarium is a continuation of this German band’s destructive warpath. Mixing brutal yet melodic death metal, thrash and just a pinch of tasteful metalcore, whilst armed with leftist lyrical themes and a tanker-truck full of conviction, this disc shreds heavy, like you might expect if you’ve already heard their first two albums. The pace is generally fast, the guitar tones often have a touch of the ol’ Bolt Thrower thickness, and the vocals, with the exception of their rerecorded, bonus track, “The Cleansing Void,” never, ever are soft or sung. Shredded vocal cords, shredding guitars and blasting drums overflow from the disc, as the band does everything in their power to reap destruction and havoc. Neaera are 100% heavy from the beginning of the brutal insanity of “Spearheading the Spawn” to the end of the morose “Liberation” and all the parts in between are gloriously metal. Armamentarium is a great album from a a band that has now for three full-length discs proved their worth, and then some. If this disc doesn’t bring Neaera some serious attention and critical praise, there’s something wrong with the metal world.

Standout Tracks

   Spearheading the Spawn
   Escape from Escapism
   The Need for Pain

Peter Johnston