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A Gruesome Find, "Of Blood and Nobility"
A Gruesome Find
Of Blood and Nobility
Independent Release
2007, Independent Release
A Gruesome Find, "Of Blood and Nobility"

This is really solid blackened death from Ohio, though you would probably think Sweden upon listening to it. Imagine Naglfar with vocals that sound like they have disotortion on them, but don't. I don't quite know how to describe them but the fact they appear to be a natural sound is pretty impressive. More impressive still is the fact that while distorted in nature they are also quite clear. Combine this with some deeper growls that remind me of Grutle Kjellson of Enslaved and you have quite the vocalist. I have no idea how Naberius pulls this off but it is damned amazing. The music itself falls somewhere between the heaviness of Behemoth and the melody of Naglfar and Dissection. The tempo is mostly midpaced, although they speed things up every now and then, reminding me of early Enslaved. I don't know how these guys do it as they are all over the road but never stumble in the slightest. This isn't the most original album I've ever heard but their ability to blend these various influences into something fresh, combined with some truly impressive vocals makes this one a keeper.

Non-musical aside, the cover of this album is just amazing. It reminds me a lot of Joe Petagno, most famous for doing covers for Motorhead but has plenty of other bands to his credit. Good work boys.