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Vrolok, "Feast of Sacrilgious Impurity"
Feast of Sacrilgious Impurity
Vrolok, "Feast of Sacrilgious Impurity"

Vrolok are new to my ears, but I am glad they made it here. Better late than never. This is really fast, raw and noisy black metal. There is just enough bass to keep this from being piercing, though no more than that. This is fuzzy and furious, although just to spice things up they do some slower songs, adding in some electronics and distorted vocals just to keep things interesting. It reminds me a lot of Twilight of the Idols by Gorgoroth, but a lot more raw. This is some beast that not only lives in the mire, but revels in it's kingdom of filth. This is rather short and sweet with four songs in sixteen minutes. However this is just refined enough that I wish to hear more.