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Almost is Nothing, "Wings of Deliverance"
Almost is Nothing
Wings of Deliverance
Independent Release
2008, Independent Release
Almost is Nothing, "Wings of Deliverance"

In yet another random Portland metal encounter involving an old Impaled t-shirt and Hot Topic, I found myself in the possession of Almost is Nothing’s second full-length album, Wings of Deliverance. This local act seem to be quite good at getting their material into my hands, and to be perfectly honest, especially with this release, I have no fucking complaints about it.

The short intro, “Deliverance” ends quickly, and “Gates of Gold” immediately takes off in what I can only imagine is the band’s best attempt to rip the space-time continuum. Whereas their previous effort, Ways to Spend the End of Days had more than a few impressive moments, this disc blows it completely out of the water, as Almost is Nothing turn the heat up by a solid 100 degrees and leave us with scorch marks for listening. The eight real tracks on the album are perfectly produced, excellently played and all do a marvelous job straddling the melodic death metal and metalcore genres without ever falling too solidly in either camp. There are thankfully no clean vocals and no chugga-chugga break downs on this release, but there’s always a hint of The Black Dahlia Murder and Darkest Hour in the music. Coupled with Almost is nothing’s clear affinity for the leaner, meaner side of the Gothenburg sound (we’re talking At the Gates or Without Grief as opposed to In Flames), the music manages to be both catchy and razor sharp. The band can finesse, as they do on “Collision of Shadows,” they can rock your ass with the likes of “Dark Passenger” and they can more than adequately peel your flesh with any number of their faster tracks.

Wings of Deliverance shows Almost is Nothing improving greatly since their last release. This band clearly has a lot of violent energy and creativity, and a gas tank that’s far from empty. These guys need to get recognized, like yesterday, because this album smokes, and shows just how hungry this band is.

Standout Tracks

   Gates of Gold
   Dark Passenger
   Reaping for Cleansing
   Disturbing Calm

Peter Johnston