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Paradox, "Product of Imagination"
Product of Imagination
Paradox, "Product of Imagination"

Originally released in 1987, Product of Imagination has now been re-issued by the folks at MetalMind 20 years later!

Product of Imagination is the debut full-length from German thrash mongers, Paradox. It is a high-energy affair that finds the middle ground between Kreator's scathing attack and the more melodic leanings of Helloween. You get bits and pieces of thrash, speed, and power throughout the disc, so it really represents a good mix of the different sounds of the day.

Expect traditional thrash riffing with loads of catchy licks and aggressive soloing and of course, the strong vocal presence of Charly Steinhauer. He reminds me a lot of James Hetfield in style more than actual tone; he can be gruff and melodic simultaneously which makes the melodies all the more biting and the heavy parts all the more listenable. There really isn't a bad song on the album, though personally I prefer songs like "Mystery" that lean more toward the band's melodic side.

As much as I enjoy the new thrash revival scene, I find it is a lot more rewarding to dig through the archives and pull out artifacts like this one. Some of the newer bands do an excellent job of sounding vintage and staying true to classic thrash nuances, but why not just take it from the source, ya know?

Standout Tracks

   Beyond Space
   Kill That Beast


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Reviewed by Tyler