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Paradox, "Heresy"
Paradox, "Heresy"

MetalMind has done it again! Another great, but largely underappreciated gem unearthed for those of us that weren't around the first time or just need a fresh copy!

Heresy is Paradox's second album and follow-up to their solid debut, Product of Imagination. Heresy more or less takes the mix of speed, thrash and power metal of their debut and intensifies it on all levels. The guitars are faster, the hooks are catchier, the melodies are more complex, the solos are crisper, the drumming is more impressive and even Steinhauer's vocals take a leap forward with more adventurous vocal lines and a more powerful delivery in general.

When you go back and listen to Product of Imagination you think "man, this band really could have gone somewhere," but when you listen to Heresy you wonder how the hell they didn't blow up! You can make a strong argument that this album is just as catchy as what Metallica was putting out at the time and heavier, to boot.

Excellent album, very cool re-issue. An absolute MUST for anyone into the late 80's thrash sound.

Standout Tracks

   Search For Perfection
   Crusader's Revenge
   The Burning