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Day Without Dawn, "Day Without Dawn"
Day Without Dawn
Day Without Dawn
Independent Release
2006, Independent Release
Day Without Dawn, "Day Without Dawn"

About 7 years ago (before researching I was thinking it was only 4 or 5 maximum), I stumbled across the song "Amputees Make Bad Swimmers: Chapter I" by a band called The Postman Syndrome. I swear I must have played that song a few thousand times over the next few months, but sadly the band fizzled out and I never really bothered checking out their 2002 album Terraforming. Four (possibly all?) members of The Postman Syndrome make up Day Without Dawn and ultimately the sound is pretty similar.

So what does it sound like? Engine Down and Dredg sucking off Radiohead who is being pounded from behind by Drowningman and Bear vs. Shark while Sunny Day Real Estate films is pretty much the first thing that comes to mind. Basically it is dark, arty rock with a quasi-prog feel, a post-hardcore lean, a brilliant sense of melody, and a totally killer clean vocalist accented by gruff yells. And the execution is more or less flawless because it sounds totally natural without being at all pretentious or wanky. And it's not like they are just throwing around a bunch of influences to make a cool sound, they actually use the sound to craft intense, meaningful songs.

This is truly a damn solid EP that features a band with a unique sound. Other than being slightly underproduced you would never guess this is a self-released debut. Never. Impressive musicianship, excellent songs, and a unique sound make this one of the better underappreciated gems I've come across in a loooong time. The song "Inquisition" by itself is worth whatever you might pay to get your hands on this.

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