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Harlots, "Betrayer"

Uggh, spazzy deathcore. Harlots arenít going to be winning my heart over with their latest effort, Betrayer. For the last couple of years Iíve become convinced that this style of metal has caused the scene to become extremely watered down and far less credible. Though by no means is Harlots responsible for the birth of this sound nor have they singlehandedly sullied the name of death metal, theyíre contributing their share and for that they deserve to be punished. When a band canít write coherent material, no matter how fast or technically they play, theyíre not going to sound good. Betrayer is just another one of these albums, where none of the songs has what it takes to stand toe-to-toe with better crafted metal. Fuck the technical interludes, the ten-trillion poorly placed time changes, the three vocal deliveries, and everything else, because itís not fooling me. Harlots lacks the ability to write a strong song. Period. Oh yeah, and if you couldnít tell by their song titles, they have no idea what to be angry about either.

Peter Johnston