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Blood Red Throne, "A Taste for Butchery"

A black metal supergroup in composition, BRT features members of the likes of Emperor and Satyricon, yet their music is fairly heavy deathrash rather than the black metal you may expect. "Ravenous War Machine" starts things off, and Monstrosity quickly came to my mind, along with many other mid to late 90's Florida death metal bands. Structurally, the songs written by these guys are quite long, and at times repetitive, yet enjoyable enough to maintain my attention for the most part. "Mary Whispers of Death" has some great thrash riffing in the intro, as well as later on in the song. Though I found the vocal intro to "Cryptic Realms" a little cheesy, the music satiated my lust for blood with its dense thrash jackhammering. The 6 songs are taken from various sources, with various line-ups, and split a CD with Dutch death dealers Severe Torture, who dominate the album. Musically, I wasn't that blown away here, but somewhat interesting lyrics gained Blood Red Throne a half point in the books. I would liken the album to a light middleweight boxing match where neither pugilist has enough power to inflict any noticeable amount of damage. I walked away unaffected and in search of something more tangible.