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Avulsed, "Yearning for the Grotesque"

Spain's gore gurus Avulsed did everything but eviscerate us with their last album, Stabwound Orgasm. And while it seems nearly impossible, this sick quintet has topped all previous efforts with their latest offering, Yearning for the Grotesque. The songs are heavier and faster, the instrumentation is more diverse, the imagery is more offensive, and the band continues to plow forward with fearless abandon, showing everyone in the gore scene that good production, insane grooves and insane Swedish style melody can make splattery death metal sound better than ever before. The only other band in the scene that could even compete with the brilliance of Yearning for the Grotesque would be our favorite fecal freaks, Impaled?and even they would have their work cut out for them.

Avulsed waste no time getting right to the guts with "Wormeaten," a blasting, chunky affair that might be their heaviest cut yet. Following are a myriad of bewilderingly slick tracks including "Devourer of the Dead" which has a guitar line or two that Bjorn and Jesper of In Flames might wish to steal in the future, and the middle eastern vibing "Pale Red Blood" (can Avulsed get any slicker? You'd think it isn't possible!) which is likely their best composition to date.

In addition, the band has called upon Night In Gales' screamer Bjoern Goosses, for backup vocals on the ultra melodic "Daddy Stew," "I Feel Good?Eating Human Flesh," and the silly albeit effective "Morbid Chef." On these tracks, the tradeoff between Dave's super guttural grunts and Bjoern's screams is quite dynamic, striking a good contrast with the more straightforward songs on the album. There are still other valuable songs on this disc, but it would be futile to try to describe everything that makes this CD what it is. Basically all that needs to be said is that Avulsed is one of the few bands in the gore metal scene these days that really steps things up a notch with every subsequent release, and Yearning for the Grotesque is simply a masterful album from start to finish.

Standout Tracks

   Pale Red Blood
   Daddy Stew

Peter Johnston