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Avulsed, "Stabwound Orgasm"

If ever there has been a time when you have used my reviews as a guideline for what to buy, then pay close attention to this one. Spain's Avulsed has created one nasty fucking album with Stabwound Orgasm that is even better than it is sick. Adorning the cover are two busty, naked women stabbing themselves to death -- the ultimate form of lesbian masochism? The music contained on the album, mind you, is just as shocking and perverse. From the instrumental intro "Amidst the Macabre" you will be wondering what the fuck you have just purchased. The production is clear as a bell, the music is catchy and the instruments are played with the utmost precision?and there's even some melody and some beefy grooves. But, shit, isn't this supposed to be gore metal? That's right. This quintet is proving, one listener at a time, that there's a better way to play gore metal: a smarter, slicker way. Of course, the disc is also heavy beyond compare. Nobody is going to argue about that after hearing the title track or any of Dave Rotten's monstrously low, unadulterated, evil vocal deliveries, especially on the chorus of "Blessed by Gore." Still, songs exist on Stabwound Orgasm that will make you think twice before slapping a simple label on them. By far the easiest example of this is "Compulsive Hater," a track that begins with a fiery, urgent and bravely melodic riff, almost like something you'd expect from Arch Enemy. The song progresses and explores heavier pathways and showcases compelling leads, but smartly returns to that opening hook, which gives the song a rock-solid foundation. Further exploration of Stabwound Orgasm will reveal to you that many of the songs contain this same savvy songwriting structure, though they may take on a totally different sound. Don't be a prude, don't be categorical by writing Avulsed off as a silly gore band and definitely don't be stupid because heavy/brutal/gory death metal hasn't ever sounded this good before.

Standout Tracks

   Compulsive Hater
   Homeless Necrophile
   Eminence in Putrescence
   Nice Rotting Eyes

Peter Johnston