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Avulsed, "Cybergore"

Ok, ok, already. I know most metal fans dislike techno, but that's just because most techno doesn't have death metal vocals and killer guitar loops fused into it. Spain's crazy gore mongers Avulsed have chosen to depart from their usual music and for one special disc give us a chance to really appreciate quality brutal techno. Yes, I said it, BRUTAL TECHNO, and no it is not an oxymoron. If after a listen to Cybergore you don't know why I am calling it brutal, you need to buy a hearing aid. The songs on here are truly relentless. There are two ways the band achieves this feat. First, the excellent guitar riffs and vocals that they use come from the band's Eminence in Putrescence album and second, the remixes of these songs are all done tastefully. That means the songs are fast, the beats are aggressive and they fit the guitars very well. And there is no "trance" influence evident on the album in case that's what you are worried about. It is possible to discern the differences between songs, it is possible to hear the progression of most of the individual songs, and it is likely that you will enjoy the result. My only problem with Cybergore is that since it is techno, some of the elements do get old after 5 or 6 songs, but that's the nature of the beast. Techno is repetitive. On a final note, the band has chosen to redo their logo space age style for this album as well as retitle the remixed songs humorously. The package is clever and the music is convincing.

Standout Tracks

   Frozen Beat
   Powered Fish

Peter Johnston