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Destroyer 666, "Phoenix Rising"
Destroyer 666
Phoenix Rising
Renegade Records
2001, Renegade Records
Destroyer 666, "Phoenix Rising"

I remember hearing one of Destroyer 666's earlier albums and thinking that it was pure shit. The songs were all fast yet flat, the production utterly abominable, and the result was incredibly unimpressive.

On Phoenix Rising however, these Aussies have made a big fat u-turn. These blackened war metallers charge into battle armed with clear production and fewer, longer, more engaging songs; Destroyer 666 is really out for blood this time. The whole disc has this killer controlled black metal sound, almost like what Marduk's La Grande Danse Macabre album would sound like it if it weren't as slow and didn't suck. Destroyer 666 incorporates melody, good songwriting, and a convincing delivery, making Phoenix Rising a fearsome beast. I am happily eating my words about this band.

Standout Tracks

   Lone Wolf Winter
   Rise of the Predator
   I am the Wargod [Ode to the Battle Slain]

Peter Johnston