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In Thy Dreams, "Highest Beauty"

My flavor for this week just so happens to be In Thy Dreams' second full effort, Highest Beauty. As you might have discovered before, the band's previous work Gate of Pleasure was both a bit short [clocking in just over 30 minutes] and lacking in diversity from song to song. No longer is this the case. On this ten-track opus, In Thy Dreams, now consisting mostly of members in Carnal Forge, brings forth the goods, and in a stylish way. Just as before, the band sounds like Carnal Forge playing Naglfar-style music, but now each song really has it's own feel. Some tracks are much heavier than before, and others are just damn good. The cut, Weeping Twilight - my favorite In Thy Dreams song to date - demonstrates the band's blossoming songwriting skills, while Hatred lets us know that these guys mean business [and I mean "business" in the Morbid Angel-style use of the word]. Other amazing songs include the title track, Selfpity Human and the ender, Upon Your God. Throw in some awesome cover artwork, [truly, can you go wrong with a picture of a heavily tattooed, head-shaven angel wearing a black leather corset?], and you've got one damn fine album from cover to cover, start to end. Fuck yeah!

Standout Tracks

   Weeping Twilight

Peter Johnston