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Scarve, "Six Tears of Sorrow"
Six Tears of Sorrow
Independent Release
1996, Independent Release
Scarve, "Six Tears of Sorrow"

Before this French group was making noise for Listenable Records, Scarve had released a six-song EP, titled, Six Tears of Sorrow. Though the music on subsequent releases is faster, more technical, aggressive, and heavy, this little EP gives us a good picture of how the band has progressed and matured. Sounding almost nothing like Luminiferous [with the obvious exception of "Blackloader"], very little like Translucence, and lacking the Strapping Young Lad influence, Six Tears of Sorrow sounds more like Cynic than the Scarve that we now know. It's quite strange, but worth a listen if you can get a hold of it.

Standout Tracks

   Liquified Silhouettes
   Torn Underneath

Peter Johnston