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Various Artists, "Stab.Fuck.Kill"

14 bands, here goes nothing.

Legion ? Retribution ? If you want black you got it. These guys are very much into the whole Marduk/Dark Funeral style of black metal, meaning all blast all the time. The vocals are a little too high for my liking but the guitarwork is good, even though it's just mainly fast. Overall this is good, but not groundbreaking. Good production also helps, so it may not be true enough for some. To be honest this almost feels like a cover of Dark Funeral's The Arrival of Satan's Empire. One of the better tracks on here though.

Gorerotted ? Fuck Your Arse With Broken Glass ? Goregrind anyone? You've come to the right place if that is indeed your thing. It isn't mine though, Exhumed, Carcass and Impaled notwithstanding. Too much vomit vocal on here for my taste. Good production and the band can play, I'm just not into what they do though. I do love the drumming and the drum sound though. I'd probably like them without the underwater vomiting vocals. They also use a high and low growl reminding me a little of Carcass. They should stick to that instead of the Chris Barnes being drowned in a pile of stool thing they like in the beginning. I'll give it a thumbs in the middle for the drum sound.

Serial Butcher ? Cum/Gut Explosion ? The opening vocals remind me of the scream Lord Worm lets out at the end of Open Face Surgery on Cryptopsy's Blasphemy Made Flesh and the rest of the time he sounds like the low Worm. The guitar has a nice Napalm Death sound to it. Overall this is a pale imitation of Cryptopsy with a slightly different guitar tone to it and less bass. This is decent, but nothing to get excited about.

Gronibard ? Quand je sodo Mimi Mathy ca fait un mechoui ? French grindcore, who knew? These guys like to do strange guitar noises when they aren't grinding away. The vocals are also weirdly distorted. This is just off for the sake of being off, not very interesting though. The production is decent but nothing to write home about. I don't know what they are trying to do here and I'm not sure they do either.

Mistweaver ? Blood in the Night ? The last thing I expected to hear on a compilation called Stab Fuck Kill, power metal. That's part of why I wanted to review it actually. These guys have the usual nonsense, over the top vocals, piano and overplaying guitar. It is amazing how a band has this much going on and none of it catches my interest. The vocals are the one saving grace though. Instead of going the castrato route they tried to get someone who has some edge on their voice, having kind of a sibilant growl. Rather understandable actually, but the music itself is so ridiculous that I can't get into it. The production brings a good sound to the whole menagerie of music here, but it's too over the top to bear. The keyboards and piano might help this out if they had been left out of the mix, but sadly they were not. Suture ? Carcinoma Contagion ? Now this is what I expected on here, brutal gore metal. The vocals are the usual choking on feces that dominate the medical metal field. The music is slow enough that it bores me. The production is good though, especially on the drums. I just don't like this kind of thing though, sorry.

Cinerary ? Recapitated ? Goregrind abounds here. Vocals that resemble no sound actually made by humans make this annoying. It reminds me of Cannibal Corpse on crystal meth, meaning they bore me with a fast tempo instead of a slower one. Good production but put me to sleep. They make two minutes feel like seven, I guess I have to give them something for that. Few bands also bore me at high speed.

Saprogenic ? Prolapse Trachial Fuck Toy ? This has the worst kick sound I have heard in ages. The music itself is similar to label mates Cinerary. Fast Cannibal Corpse wannabes. At least Cinerary had the decency to get a good production, Saprogenic don't even get that. Between the tempo and the kick drum sound this reminds me of Krisiun a little. My opinion on anything relating to the drums of Krisiun is already noted in various other reviews so I won't beat you over the head with it again.

Rebreather ? Southdown ? This is another one of those things I didn't expect on here. Slow stoner metal. I'm an admitted sucker for this kind of thing. Needless to say I dug this mightily. The vocals are nice and clean and the guitar is dirty. Great bass sound on here that shakes you in your seat. Something nice and relaxing to break up the monotony of the previous few tracks. The production is also good enough that you can smell the bongwater through your speakers. If you're gonna play slow, play slow is their motto.

Vulgar Pigeons ? When Exhilaration Becomes a Pretense ? This is mediocre two vocal grindcore. Crap production here doesn't help matters much. This is borderline crust punk on occasion which maybe they should stick to since they don't grind all that well.

Gruesome Stuff Relish ? The Three Mothers ? The vocals do some higher Jeff Walker kind rasp as well as some of the underwater vomiting that bands love for some reason. I don't hear the bass, or the bass drum for that matter, very well. This is all fast guitar, snare and growl. Nothing very interesting here and they lose points for the wounded frog vocals. The snare is also a bit high though not too much so.

Decomposing Serenity ? Burn the Bride Before I Skin the Baby ? This is really badly produced, badly written, badly played, bad goregrind. The longest minute of my life is what listening to this is.

Scattered Remnants ? At the Right Hand of Nothingness ? The sound on this is terrible and the tempo is what I affectionately call boring speed. Not all that fast but not slow enough to be painful in a good way. The production and the playing on here are decent; it's the material that makes this a chore to listen to. Back to the drawing board here.

Cock and Ball Torture ? Candy Teen Pussy Pleasures ? The vocalist sounds like he is vomiting underwater, this is how my friend Matt described this while playing it for me on the way to the New England Hardcore and Metalfest. Why they didn't keep his head down there until he drowned is beyond me. The production is good but the music is dull and I'm not even counting these as vocals. This also gets slow; which really doesn't work with grind very well. I would prefer the torture in their name to listening to this. It would be less painful.

Standout Tracks

   Legion - Retribution
   Gorerotted - Fuck Your Arse With Broken Glass
   Serial Butcher - Cum/Gut Explosion
   Rebreather - Southdown