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Blood Red Throne, "Affiliated with the Suffering"
Blood Red Throne
Affiliated with the Suffering
Blood Red Throne, "Affiliated with the Suffering"

Norway's Blood Red Throne play pure, thrashing/blasting American style death metal on their second full-length album, Affiliated with the Suffering. The songs are all about murder, carnage and the imagery plays heavily on violence, blood and death. The production is absolutely perfect for the band's style, and the music, though relatively similar from song to song on the album, is quite entertaining and easy to digest.

In fact, listening to this disc makes me wonder whether Myrkskog feels a little ripped off, as Blood Red Throne has basically taken the best ideas from Superior Massacre, simplified them and made them sound better. It's as if the whole of Affiliated with the Suffering is an extended version of more successful takes on "Over the Gore" and "Blood Ejaculation."

Overall, Affiliated with the Suffering is a very one dimensional release, but it's done so well and it's so fun to play that one can hardly fault the music's simplicity and repetition. Call me cheap, but I dig this shit.

Note: There are two full-length hidden tracks after the end of the disc.

Standout Tracks

   Bleeders Lament
   Affiliated With the Suffering
   Razor Jack
   Hidden Track #2

Peter Johnston